Arise RVA Church is a collective of gospel centered missional communities that love Jesus and serve the various neighborhoods and people groups of the greater Richmond area.

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Scribbled Bits of Wisdom from the Arise Spiritual Retreat

Hey Guys!

I wanted to share a brief summary of the bounty of awesome wisdom that I gained through last weekend’s spiritual retreat. (This will be a rough translation of my scribbled notes from Jeremy’s teaching sessions, please forgive the seemingly random nature)

Firstly I wanted to mention that I heard the testimonies of Monica, Bree, and Katherine. I am starting to enjoy more and more hearing about peoples’ stories, and this weekend proved to be no exception! God has done (and is still doing) so much in each one of these girls’ lives. It was a good time to remind myself that we’re all brothers and sisters in Christ, and we can draw so much inspiration from other peoples’ lives as well as our own. A dominant theme in each was that God will always be with us, and never leaves us. (also, dog vomit is gross)

Knowing God:

Jeremy started this section off with a quote from Billy Graham that I believe will inspire me deeply for a long time. In a recent interview Mr. Graham said that he wished he had spent more time with the Lord during his life. This is huge coming from him, because here is a man who has spent his life on God. He spends hours a day praying and reading his Bible. Even now in his old age after he has retired from a lot of his duties and has more free time than ever, he wishes he could spend more time with God. This tells me not only the importance of spending time with him in our own lives, but how overwhelmingly inexhaustible he is. Someone could spend their whole lives doing nothing but praying and reading the word, and they still would not get enough. Of course, it’s still worth every second!